Residential Surveys and Valuations

We offer the following types of Survey & Valuation Reports :
  • Valuation Report
  • Home Buyers Survey & Valuation Report
  • Building Survey, (previously known as a Full Structural Survey)

Valuation Report

This Report will give the open market value of the property and usually only makes a very brief comment in respect of condition.

Some property purchasers obtain an independent valuation to ensure they are not paying too much for the purchase of their home.

Such reports can also be used for matrimonial settlements, probate and tax purposes.

A valuation report can also include an estimate for re-building the property for the purposes of buildings insurance.

Home Buyers Survey & Valuation Report

The Home Buyers Survey & Valuation Reports are designed for properties of conventional construction in apparently reasonable condition. They are intended to highlight significant and urgent defects, which may have an affect on the value of the property.

They are ideally suited for properties built from about 1930's onwards, but can be used for some Victorian and Edwardian properties where a full building survey is not required.

Building Survey, (previously known as a Full Structural Survey)

A building survey is a more detailed report highlighting the construction and condition of the property.

It is particularly useful for properties of unusual construction, dilapidated or heavily extended buildings together with older style and Listed buildings. These reports highlight a more extensive range of defects and the extra level of detail often provides the purchaser with the peace of mind they require.

Giles Pearce Surveyors has experience in surveying and valuing a vast range of residential properties, both old and new, large and small.

For further information on the choice of surveys please see the page entitled "Choosing a Survey ". Alternatively please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and needs.